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Traitor (disambiguation)

traitor meaning, traitor movie
A traitor is a person who commits treason

Traitor may also refer to:


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  • Traitor film, a film starring Don Cheadle


  • Traitor Star Wars novel, a 2002 New Jedi Order novel by Matthew Stover


  • Traitors album, by Misery Index
  • "Traitor", a song by Motörhead from Rock 'n' Roll
  • "Traitors Never Play Hangman", a song by Bring Me the Horizon, also referred to as "Traitors"


  • "Traitor" Captain Scarlet, an episode of television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
  • Traitor TV drama 1971, a British television play by Dennis Potter
  • "Traitor", a 1985 episode of the cartoon The Transformers
  • "The Traitor", a 1985 two part episode of the cartoon GI Joe: A Real American Hero

See also

  • Traiteur disambiguation
  • Treta, a Sanskrit word relating to Hinduism

traitor disambiguation meaning, traitor meaning, traitor meme, traitor movie

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Traitor (disambiguation)

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Traitor (disambiguation)
Traitor (disambiguation)
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