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Trade commissioner

trade commissioner service, trade commissioner
Trade commissioner is the title of a government official whose primary duties are to promote international trade agreements and export trade programs on behalf of a national or regional government authority Such envoys are normally posted abroad, often being permanently resident in the country or region to which they have been assigned, but in some cases are locally engaged employees If assigned by an authority or organization lacking sovereignty, or if a local employee, a trade commissioner may not enjoy diplomatic status The title Trade Commissioner is also used by some international organizations for the senior official responsible for trade


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Countries with trade commissionersedit


The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has 150 offices in Canada and abroad, employing both Canadian citizens and foreign nationals with this title1

International organizations with trade commissionersedit

The following international organizations have commissioners for trade and related issues:

  • The Economic Community of West African States has a Commissioner of Trade, Customs and Free Movement
  • The EUCLID Euclid University has a Commissioner for Economic Development and Trade Diplomacy2
  • The European Union's senior official for international trade is the European Commissioner for Trade3
  • The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat posts trade commissioners to Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and Beijing, China4


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See alsoedit

  • Commissioner
  • Conseiller Chargé des Investissements

External linksedit

  • World Trade Organisation member countries Including links to each country's trade-related national website

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