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Tracline 65

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Tracline 65 was a bus route in Birmingham, England which included the first guided busway in the United Kingdom

The existing route 65 bus route was upgraded as part of an experiment to improve bus services, by the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive A 600-metre section of concrete-edged guideway was installed on Streetly Road in the Short Heath area, a few miles from Erdington village, at the northern terminal of the route Located in a central reservation once used by Birmingham Corporation trams, it was segregated from the carriageway used by other vehicular traffic At the southern end of the trackway, buses used ordinary roads to reach the city centre12

Fourteen MCW Metrobus Mark II buses were acquired and fitted with guide wheels, which ran along the guideway's concrete edges The vehicles were painted in a distinct livery, unique to Tracline 65, being silver with black and red detailing It began operating in 198423 The trial ended in 1987 will all buses having their guide wheels removed and being used on normal services, with the last withdrawn on 26 April 2008 One, fleet number 8110, is preserved at Aston Manor Road Transport Museum4


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Coordinates: 52°31′48″N 1°51′31″W / 5252999°N 185856°W / 5252999; -185856

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