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Trace VFX

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Trace Visual Effects Trace VFX is a visual effects company founded in 2010 with facilities in New York City and Mumbai The company provides VFX prep, outsourcing and animation services to companies around the globe


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In 2010, former The Mill employees Matthew Herman and Jon Mason along with classmate Varun Parange won the Baruch College Invitational Entrepreneurship Competition for their business plan entitled "Pangea Visual Effects" After winning 1st place, the three founders raised additional capital and changed its name to "Trace Visual Effects" In early 2011, the company opened offices in New York City and Mumbai, India


Since Trace's first office, the company has grown from 10 staff in 2011 to over 500 in 2017 The company currently has employees in New York City, Mumbai, London and Los Angeles

Current Operations


Trace VFX is involved in a range of visual effects prep services The company's services includes; Rotoscoping roto, cleanup, matchmove, camera tracking and 3D animation Trace primarily works on TV commercials in the US, UK and Europe, but has completed work for many Hollywood feature films as well In 2015 the company worked on over 15 commercials in the Super Bowl


In 2014, the company launched Taskbox, a proprietary internet-based tool that allows clients to look at their projects in real-time


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External links

  • Official Website
  • The Inspiration Room - Trace VFX
  • VFX Roto Services India

trace vfx, trace vfx chembur

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