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Tourism in Tokyo

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Tourism in Tokyo is a major industry In 2006, 481 million foreigners and 420 million Japanese visits to Tokyo were made; the economic value of these visits totaled 94 trillion yen according to the government of Tokyo Many tourists visit the various downtowns, stores, and entertainment districts throughout the neighborhoods of the special wards of Tokyo; particularly school children on class trips, a visit to Tokyo Tower is de rigueur

Cultural offerings include both omnipresent Japanese pop culture and associated districts such as Shibuya and Harajuku, subcultural attractions such as Studio Ghibli anime center, as well as museums like the Tokyo National Museum, which houses 37% of the country's artwork national treasures 87/233 No buildings in Tokyo are World heritage sites and only the Jizo Hall of Shofuku-ji, a suburban temple, is a National treasure Other popular attractions include the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, and Sensō-ji, a popular temple Finally, many tourists, particularly foreign tourists, visit Tsukiji Fish Market, as the time-zone difference leads to foreign visitors waking up very early local time

Access to Tokyo is provided by airports including Narita Airport, Tokyo International Airport Haneda, providing primarily domestic service, and the Shinkansen Major hotel districts include Shinjuku and Tokyo Bay, although there are some hotels in many more districts

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