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Titch (TV series)

Titch was a stop-motion children's television programme that originally aired on Children's ITV from 1997 to 2000, then from 2001 to 2006 on Tiny Living, before appearing on Milkshake! in 2006 as Tiny Living went off-air It was created by Pat Hutchins, also the creator of the Titch book series


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According to Pat Hutchins, each episode took three weeks to shoot as it was created in stop-motion animation, using clay models instead of proposed cartoons The models were miniatures, as ITV gave the animating team a limited budget so that production or scale was minimalistic There is no known reason why the programme was cancelled, but repeats of the programme aired occasionally until around 2006, when the programme was no longer shown on CITV

Music and DVD

The music for Titch was composed by British pianist & composer Michael Nyman

The series was issued on several videos in the 1990s DVDs were released in 2005, titled Picnic and Other Stories and Christmas


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