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Tim Ten Yen

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Tim Ten Yen, also known as "TTY", is an English recording artist He has been called the "Sensational Singing Salaryman" and championed by influential English disc jockey Steve Lamacq as a "cult figure of the future"

He grew up outside London His music has been called "devoid of pretention but full of original eccentricity" while the post-punk musician Paul Hawkins has lauded his writing "joyous, catchy and indescribably wonderful songs that are simultaneously utterly universal and entirely unique"

His debut album Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You was released by Pointy Records in late 2008 That same year saw the release of an EP Runaround Get Around on the Club Fandango label

His work has been featured in Flux Magazine, Keep It Fastcom, and RadioNowhere’s Best of 2008 and was included on Spinnercom "Ten Acts to Watch in 2010" as "a one-man Divine Comedy"

Tim Ten Yen has toured with and opened in support of Carter USM Jim Bob He has played the Reading Festival in 2006 and 2007


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