TILE64 is a multicore processor manufactured by Tilera It consists of a mesh network of 64 "tiles", where each tile houses a general purpose processor, cache, and a non-blocking router, which the tile uses to communicate with the other tiles on the processor

The short-pipeline, in-order, three-issue cores implement a MIPS-inspired1 VLIW instruction set Each core has a register file and three functional units: two integer arithmetic logic units and a load-store unit Each of the cores "tile" has its own L1 and L2 caches plus an overall virtual L3 cache which is an aggregate of all the L2 caches2 A core is able to run a full operating system on its own or multiple cores can be used to run a symmetrical multi-processing operating system

TILE64 has four DDR2 controllers, two 10-gigabit Ethernet interfaces, two four-lane PCIe interfaces, and a "flexible" input/output interface, which can be software-configured to handle a number of protocols The processor is fabricated using a 90 nm process and runs at speeds of 600 to 900 MHz

Schematic of the TILE64 processor Schematic of a TILE of the TILE64 processor

According to CTO and co-founder Anant Agarwal, Tilera will target the chip at networking equipment and digital video markets where the demands for computing processing are high3

Support for the TILE64 architecture was added to Linux kernel version 26364 Non-official LLVM back-end for Tilera exists5


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