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Three Sisters

three sisters, three sisters springs
Three Sisters may refer to:


  • 1 Geography
    • 11 Australia
    • 12 Canada
    • 13 Ireland
    • 14 South Africa
    • 15 United Kingdom
    • 16 United States
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  • Three Sisters Australia, a rock formation near Katoomba, NSW
  • The Three Sisters Queensland, three islands
  • Three Sisters Island Tasmania, three small islands


  • The Three Sisters Alberta, three peaks in the Canadian Rockies near Canmore, Alberta
  • The Three Sisters Lake Huron, three islands in Lake Huron
  • The Three Sisters Temagami, three lakes in Temagami, Ontario
  • Three Sisters Elk Valley, three peaks in the Canadian Rockies just north of the town of Fernie, British Columbia
  • Three Sisters Range, three peaks in the Stikine Country, British Columbia
  • Three Sisters Lakes Provincial Park, a park near Hixon, British Columbia
  • Three Sisters, a rock formation along the shore of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park


  • The Three Sisters Ireland, three rivers
  • An Triúr Deirfiúr Irish for The Three Sisters, three peaks

South Africaedit

  • Three Sisters Northern Cape, a rock formation consisting of a group of three conical peaks situated on the watershed between Beaufort West and Richmond

United Kingdomedit

  • Three Sisters Glen Coe, three ridges
  • Three Sisters Recreation Area, Wigan

United Statesedit

  • Three Sisters Los Angeles County, a mountain range in California
  • Three Sisters Riverside County, a mountain range in California
  • Three Sisters Siskiyou County, a mountain range in California
  • Three Sisters District of Columbia, three islands
  • Three Sisters Springs Florida
  • Three Sisters Georgia, three peaks
  • Three Sisters Oregon, three volcanoes
  • Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon
  • Three Sisters Pittsburgh, three bridges in Pennsylvania

Stage and filmedit

  • Three Sisters play, a play by Anton Chekhov
    • The Three Sisters 1966 film, an American film
    • Three Sisters 1970 Olivier film, a British film
    • The Three Sisters 1970 TV drama, a British television adaptation
    • Three Sisters 1994 film, a Russian film adaptation
    • Three Sisters opera, a 1998 opera by Péter Eötvös
  • The Three Sisters fairy tale, an Italian fairy tale
  • Three Sisters musical, a 1934 musical by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II
  • Three Sisters 1934 film, a Chinese film of the 1930s
  • Three Sisters TV series, a 2001–2002 American TV series starring Dyan Cannon, Katherine LaNasa, and David Alan Basche
  • Three Sisters 2010 TV series, a South Korean television drama
  • Three Sisters 2012 film, a Chinese documentary film

Other usesedit

  • Three Sisters album, a 2004 album by Alice Donut
  • Three Sisters agriculture, an agricultural technique
  • Three Sisters sternwheeler, a steamboat
  • Three Sisters tomato, a variety of tomato
  • Three Sisters Bridge, a cancelled bridge over the Potomac River in Washington, DC
  • Three Sisters Tavern, a restaurant in Portland, Oregon

See alsoedit

  • Drei Schwestern
  • Three Sisters Islands disambiguation
  • Tri Sestry
  • Tři sestry
  • The Triplets bridges

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