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Thompson Peak

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Thompson Peak refers to one of these mountain peaks:

  • Thompson Peak Arizona, a McDowell Mountains summit 20 miles from Phoenix with amateur and Maricopa County government radio towers accessible via a service road from Fountain Hills 33°38′39″N 111°48′44″W / 3364417°N 11181222°W / 3364417; -111812221
  • Thompson Peak Yavapai County, Arizona
  • Thompson Peak California - highest summit of the Salmon Mountains
  • Thompson Peak El Dorado County, California
  • Thompson Peak Plumas County, California, a northern Sierra Crest summit 40°14′33″N 120°31′03″W / 40242585°N 120517402°W / 40242585; -120517402
  • Thompson Peak Tulare County, California
  • Thompson Peak Tuolumne County, California
  • Thompson Peak Bonneville County, Idaho
  • Thompson Peak Idaho - highest summit of the Sawtooth Mountains
  • Thompson Peak Madison County, Montana
  • Thompson Peak Mineral County, Montana, in Mineral County, Montana
  • Thompson Peak Sanders County, Montana - highest summit of the Thompson Peaks
  • Thompson Peak New Mexico
  • Thompson Peak Oregon
  • Thompson Peak Utah
  • Thompson Peak Antarctica


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Thompson Peak

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