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These New Puritans

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These New Puritans are a music group/band from the Southend-on-Sea area of England, United Kingdom It consists mainly of Jack Barnett songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and his twin brother George Barnett drums, metallophone, loops Thomas Hein sampler, keyboards, percussion, bass was an active member of TNP between 2006 and 2016; Sophie Sleigh-Johnson keyboards, sampler was an active member of TNP between 2006 and 2010 They have recorded three albums, Beat Pyramid, released in 2008, Hidden, released in 2010, and Field of Reeds, which was released on 10 June 2013


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In a 2008 interview, Jack Barnett said that hip hop ensemble Wu-Tang Clan, especially member RZA, influenced the first album Beat Pyramid Other inspirations include the electronic music of Aphex Twin and the cartoon series The Smurfs At the time, Artrocker described These New Puritans as sounding like "Sheffield and Berlin synths, '90s alt rock Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo drones, Underworld beats; and all in the most contemporary of contexts" Although unusual for a rock group, the band often incorporates the same section of music into different songs as refrains

Before their second album Hidden was released, Barnett revealed that he had been writing music for bassoon and stated that the aim was for a final product where "dancehall meets Steve Reich" In a 2010 interview with Paul Morley, Barnett described These New Puritans' new material on Hidden as "very 1970, but also quite 1610, 1950, 1979, 1989, 2005 and 2070" When performing live during the Hidden era they were often accompanied by a five-piece brass-woodwind ensemble In 2010 they performed a series of full live performances of Hidden featuring a brass-woodwind ensemble, Taiko drums, children's choir, three vibraphonists and live Foley techniques entitled Hidden Live, at venues such as the Barbican Centre featuring the Britten Sinfonia, the Pompidou Centre and Berghain In a May 2010 interview with CBLiddell, Jack Barnett revealed that he was interested in Melanesian music and that he anticipated that the next TNPS album would be "quieter" In 2010 the song 'We Want War' featured on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood soundtrack Towards the end of 2012 the band remixed "Mutual Core" by Björk, which featured on the remix album Bastards

In June 2013 they released their third album, Field of Reeds, which featured jazz singer Elisa Rodrigues


TNPS worked with designer Hedi Slimane and recorded the song "Navigate, Navigate" for the Dior Homme Hiver 2007 show Both the music and the collection received positive reviews The band members also took part in an art/dance performance at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris for the after-show of the Stage of the Art


Studio albums

  • Beat Pyramid 2008 No 188 UK
  • Hidden 2010 No 100 UK; No 10 UK Indie
  • Field of Reeds 2013 No 90 UK; No 17 UK Indie

Live albums

  • EXPANDED Live at the Barbican 2014


  • "Now Pluvial" 30 October 2006 – 7"
  • "Navigate, Navigate" 21 May 2007 – 12"/Digital download
  • "Numbers"/"Colours" 5 November 2007 – 7"
  • "Elvis" 21 January 2008 – 7"/CD
  • "Swords of Truth" 5 May 2008 – 7"/12"/Digital Download
  • "We Want War" 11 January 2010 – 10"/Digital Download
  • "Attack Music" 12 April 2010 – Digital Download
  • "Hologram" 26 July 2010


These New Puritans have contributed songs to the following CD compilations:

  • "Chamber" – Digital Penetration September 2006
  • "I Want to Be Tracey Emin" – Future Love Songs December 2006
  • "Elvis" demo – Dance Floor Distortion December 2006
  • "Colours" – 2000 Trees: Cider Smiles Vol 1 Hide and Seek Records, June 2008


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