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The Zack Files

the zack files, the zack files books
The Zack Files is a science fiction television program based on a book series of the same name It revolves around a young boy, played by Robert Clark, who is a magnet for paranormal activity and attends Horace White High School for Boys along with his three friends Cam, Gwen, and Spencer Zack manages to get himself into trouble with his paranormal adventures and it is up to his friends to help him set things straight The series is based on a series of books with the same name, written by Dan Greenburg This series was shot in Toronto, Ontario In August 2004, Goldhill Home Media released the first season on DVD

Mill Creek Entertainment announced the complete series on DVD

Main characters

  • Zachary "Zack" Greenburg played by Robert Clark: The main protagonist A relatively normal kid but often becomes a magnet for the paranormal
  • Cameron "Cam" Dunleavey played by Jake Epstein: One of Zack's best friends who will do anything to make a quick buck
  • Spencer "Spence" Sharpe played by Michael Seater: Another of Zack's best friends and the keeper of The Zack Files who is obsessed with paranormal activity and is attempting to win the Nobel Prize by proving the paranormal exists
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" Killerby played by Katie Boland: Doesn't believe in paranormal activity and her father is headmaster of their school, which allows her to be the only girl at an all-boys academy
  • Vernon Mantueffel played by Noah Giffin: The series' main antagonist He is jealous of Cam, Spence and Zack He is Zack's nemesis, the richest kid in school and is in love with Gwen He also sweats a lot
  • Daniel "Dan" Greenburg played by Jeff Clarke: Zack's father, divorced and kind of clueless
  • Jennifer "Woman From 302" played by Collette Micks: Downstairs neighbor and sometime girlfriend of Zack's dad

Episode guide

  • Zack Files season 1
  • Zack Files season 2

External links

  • The Zack Files on IMDb
  • The Zack Files at TVcom

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