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The Strange Boys

the strange boys, the strange boys and girls club
The Strange Boys are an American rock band based in Austin, Texas, composed of Ryan Sambol guitar, lead vocals, harmonica, Philip Sambol bass, Greg Enlow guitar, Mike La Franchi drums, Jenna E Thornhill DeWitt saxophone, backing vocals, and Tim Presley backing vocals Their music incorporates stylistic elements of garage rock, punk, R&B and country music


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The Strange Boys were formed by Dallas 8th graders Ryan Sambol and Matt Hammer in 2001 Originally a punk duo, they expanded to a trio when Ryan's brother Philip returned to Dallas from college in 2003

In 2007 the band released their debut Nothing EP on Dusty Medical Records and in 2009 their first full-length album, and Girls Club via In the Red Records

In late 2009 the band underwent some line-up changes, with drummer and founding member Matt Hammer being replaced by Seth Densham, originally of Mika Miko who disbanded in October, 2009 Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt, also a former member of Mika Miko, was added as saxophonist and backing vocalist, and Tim Presley, of Darker My Love, also joined to contribute backing vocals Seth left the group and Mikey La Franchi joined on drums

Around the same time, the new line-up signed a deal with UK record label Rough Trade to distribute their material outside of the US, and also announced details of their second album, Be Brave, which was released on February 22, 2010 UK and February 23, 2010 US The album was preceded by a single release of the title track, 'Be Brave' on January 25 UK and January 26 US This track is used in a 2012 Dell commercial

The band released their third album, Live Music Live pronounced , rhyming with give, exclusively on Rough Trade in October, 2011

According to singer Ryan Sambol, the Strange Boys played their last show in July 2012 in Canada

The Strange Boys have toured alongside acts such as Darker My Love, Night Beats, Mika Miko, Fucked Up, Crystal Antlers, Chain and the Gang, Spoon, Deerhunter, and Julian Casablancas


  • Nothing EP Dusty Medical Records, 2007
  • Isn't It Pretty To Think So 7" In The Red Records, 2008
  • The Strange Boys and Girls Club In The Red, 2009
  • Be Brave 7" In The Red/Rough Trade, 2010
  • Be Brave LP In The Red/Rough Trade, 2010
  • Live Music LP Rough Trade, 2011


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  • - The Strange Boys Myspace
  • - Rough Trade Records
  • - In The Red Records
  • - Dusty Medical Records

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