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The Rub Rabbits!

the rub rabbits, the rub rabbits ds
The Rub Rabbits!, known in Japan as Aka-chan wa Doko Kara Kuru no 赤ちゃんはどこからくるの, lit "Where do Babies Come From", is a mini-game compilation developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS handheld video game console It was first released in Japan on October 20, 2005, and was later released in Europe on February 10, 2006, and in North America three days later It is a prequel to Feel the Magic: XY/XX


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The premise of the game is that your female love interest pictured: pink hair, yellow top and jeans, whose appearance can be changed by unlocking clothing pieces through story mode, gets into perilous situations or is somehow placed out of reach from the male protagonist pictured: red shorts and cap with goggles, blue and black jacket A minigame must be completed in order to rescue her, or sometimes, simply get the male protagonist out of trouble All of these minigames require use of the stylus, and the DS to be held in a certain way, even upside-down Some require use of the DS built-in microphone

At the beginning, the protagonist is simply chasing after his new-found love interest, but they soon begin to develop a closer relationship Anonymous other males and a mysterious girl with grey hair and a lavender outfit also pictured on the box art attempt to thwart this relationship on numerous occasions


Some examples of these minigames are:

  • The male protagonist runs up a downward moving escalator, and must avoid Sumo wrestlers along the way by moving left and right There is a similar variation where he paddles up a river avoiding giant crocodiles
  • The mysterious girl in lavender ties the protagonist to a chair and throws various food items at him He must avoid eating the purple cakes, but can eat the other morsels like pizzas and white-iced cakes
  • The female love interest performs yoga, while the male protagonist tries to keep a sweet-smelling rose within the range of her sense of smell

The player's performance is graded as amount of 'Hearts', which are given at the end of a minigame depending on how well they did

There are a few multiplayer minigames which involve four differently coloured protagonists competing over the love interest, such as an elimination based game of catching an ever-growing beach ball which eventually explodes, and log rafting while trying to rescue the female from the water, while trying to steal her from other player's log rafts


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