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The Piano Sings

the piano sings michael nyman, the piano sings
The Piano Sings is a 2005 solo album by Michael Nyman featuring personal interpretations of film music he wrote between 1993 and 2003 It is his second release on his own label, MN Records, and his 49th release overall The album was released alongside a concert tour

Nyman's February 2005 statement about the album printed within the booklet is very brief:

All my music starts out as piano music so the opportunity to get back to that essence appealed to me Hence my desire to make this album a personal signature as a composer/performer I have deliberately focused on my more song-like music: the album title suggested itself

Track listing

  1. Diary of Love The End of the Affair
  2. If The Diary of Anne Frank
  3. Franklyn Wonderland
  4. The Morrow Gattaca
  5. Jack Wonderland
  6. The Heart Asks Pleasure First The Piano
  7. Big my Secret The Piano
  8. Debbie Wonderland
  9. The Departure Gattaca
  10. Why The Diary of Anne Frank
  11. Odessa Beach Man with a Movie Camera
  12. Lost and Found The Piano
  13. The Exchange The Claim
  14. Candlefire The Diary of Anne Frank
  15. All Imperfect Things The Piano
  16. Diary of Love The End of the Affair


  • Composed and performed by Michael Nyman
  • Recorded, mixed and edited by Austin Ince at Whitfield Street Studios, London, 12–14 February 2005
  • Assistant engineer: Phil Tyreman
  • Produced by Declan Colgan
  • Mastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London, 17 February 2005
  • All music published by Chester Music Ltd/Michael Nyman Ltd, except 1, 4, 9, 16 published by Colpix Music Ltd, administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC BMI
  • Photography by Michael Nyman
  • Photograph of Michael Nyman by John Fago
  • Design by Russell Mills shed
  • Co-design by Michael Webster storm
  • Thanks to Elizabeth Lloyd, Rachel Thomas, Rebecca Duncan at Whitfield Street Studios, Lucy Launder at Abbey Road, Gareth Davies, Laurence Dunmore, Melane Mueller and Andrew Thompson
  • Thanks also to the directors of the respective films: Jane Campion, Neil Jordan, Akinora Nagaoka, Andrew Niccol, Dziga Vertov, Michael Winterbottom and lyricists Hachiro Konno and Roger Pulvers


  1. ^ Music from the Movies review
  2. ^ Michael Church "Michael Nyman: Piano, solo" The Independent Thursday, 28 September 2006

the piano sings, the piano sings michael nyman

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