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The Park Is Mine (1986 film)

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The Park Is Mine is a Canadian-American drama television film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen Peters The film focuses on Vietnam War veteran, Mitch Tommy Lee Jones, who takes forceful control of Central Park to remember those who served and died in the Vietnam War and draw attention to veterans' issues1


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  • Tommy Lee Jones as Mitch
  • Helen Shaver as Valery
  • Yaphet Kotto as Eubanks
  • Lawrence Dane as Commissioner Keller
  • Peter Dvorsky as Dix
  • Eric Peterson as Mike
  • Gale Garnett as Rachel
  • Denis Simpson as Richie
  • Reg Dreger as Commander Curran
  • Louis Di Bianco as Captain Juliano
  • Carl Marotte as Santini
  • Dennis O'Connor actor as Sergeant Duffy
  • Tom Harvey as General Bryant
  • R D Reid as Policeman on Ledge
  • George Bloomfield as Dr Mueller
  • Marvin Karon as Warburton
  • Jong Soo Park as Tran Chan Dinh
  • Peter Langley as Verdanken
  • Robert Windsor as Minister
  • Stewart Arnott as Newsman – VA Hospital
  • Jennifer Dean as Detective Balkan
  • Andrew Thomson as Transmission Officer
  • Allan Aarons as Policeman – VA Hospital
  • James Kidnie as Policeman in Park
  • Michael Copeman as Man at Desk
  • Philip Akin as Hardy
  • Ardon Bess as Daniels
  • Gregory Francis Kruger as T-shirt haggler


The film was released in 1985 on VHS by Key Video It had originally been released on DVD overseas, but not in the United States, save for bootlegs However, on December 13, 2016, Kino Lorber released the first official Blu-ray Disc and DVD2


The Park Is Mine
Soundtrack album by Tangerine Dream
Released 1991
Recorded 1985
Genre Electronic music
Tangerine Dream chronology
Dead Solid Perfect
1991Dead Solid Perfect1991
The Park Is Mine
L'Affaire Wallraff The Man Inside
1991L'Affaire Wallraff The Man Inside1991

The Park Is Mine is the sixteenth soundtrack album released Tangerine Dream and their forty-second released album overall It was recorded in 1985 but not released until 1991 All tracks were composed by Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, and Johannes Schmoelling34

No Title Length
1 "The Park Is Mine Main Title" 1:16
2 "Fatal Fall/Funeral" 2:16
3 "The Letter Parts 1 & 2" 5:18
4 "Taking the Park Parts 1 & 2" 8:28
5 "Swatting SWAT" 7:23
6 "Love Theme" 3:32
7 "The Helicopter Attack" 4:40
8 "Morning" 1:20
9 "We're Running Out of Time" 1:01
10 "The Claymore Mine/Stalking" 5:22
11 "The Final Confrontation/The Park is Yours!" 3:34
12 "Finale/End Credits" 6:19


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  • The Park Is Mine on IMDb

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