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The Kill List

the kill list, the kill list by frederick forsyth
The Kill List is a novel by Frederick Forsyth published in 2013 by Random House The story concerns the response to murders by Muslim radicals


A number of random mid-level authority figures in the United States and Great Britain are brutally murdered by Muslim extremists, all of whom seem to have been radicalized by the online sermons of a mysterious veiled man known only as "the Preacher" Perplexed by his unknown origins and his flawless command of the English language, the US government soon places him on the Kill List, a list approved by the President and his senior advisors of individuals who are to be eliminated as soon as possible

The agency charged with finding and killing the people on the list is the Technical Operations Support Activity, or TOSA It soon dispatches its best headhunter, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel known to most only as "the Tracker" who also has a personal agenda in this matter, as his father was murdered by one of the Preacher's assassins, to discover the Preacher's identity and eliminate him


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