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The Dodos

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The Dodos is an American indie rock band consisting of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber


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    • 11 Dodo Bird EP
    • 12 Beware of the Maniacs
    • 13 Visiter
    • 14 Time to Die
    • 15 No Color
    • 16 Carrier
    • 17 Individ
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The Dodos began playing music together in 2005, when musician Meric Long, who had been gigging steadily in San Francisco as a solo singer-songwriter, was introduced to Logan Kroeber through a mutual friend a college acquaintance of Long's that happened to be Kroeber's cousin The Dodos are a band of two, clean-cut halves One of the duo was a student of West African Ewe drumming and intricate Blues fingerpicking guitar, the other hails from a background in heavy metal bands Going from the raw, acoustic roots-rock on their albums ‘Visiter’ and ‘No Color’ to the more expansive, pop sound of ‘Time to Die’ and ‘Carrier’; guitarist-vocalist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber have spent their career seeking to blur the line between the inherently melodic nature of Long’s guitar and the rhythmic, atonal clatter of Kroeber’s drums Their most recent album ‘Individ’ can be seen as a resolution of this duality, combining their old acoustic sensibilities with an expansive vision and sound, and this performance served as further proof

Dodo Bird EP

Long self-released a solo EP titled Dodo Bird in March 2006, in which Long played all the instruments While they performed the songs from this release, Long and Kroeber met and started playing together They worked to blend Kroeber's training in West African Ewe drumming and Long's experience in metal bands to create music in which "drumming could be a center role and help bring out the syncopated rhythms coming out of the acoustic guitar"

Beware of the Maniacs

The duo released the 2006 album Beware of the Maniacs, which was self-released under the "Dodo Bird" moniker In support of the album, Long and Kroeber toured relentlessly for most of 2007 The band began to receive critical attention and developed a growing fan base Fans began referring to Dodo Bird simply as "The Dodos", and the band decided to change their name accordingly


In December 2007, the Dodos were signed by Frenchkiss Records and they released their second album Visiter in March 2008, to critical acclaim

In an April 2008 interview in the LA Record, Long revealed the origin of the name of Visiter "The reason it’s misspelled is because it’s from a drawing this kid gave us We played a show for a bunch of kids in South Central LA—Dorsey High A friend’s sister is a special-ed teacher there, so we went down there to her class and we played for the kids and it was super fun Then it came to the kids asking us questions and then one of the kids came up to us and he gave us a drawing with that written on it The drawing is the cover actually of the album, and just—I dunno we liked it Actually we used all of the drawings that the kids made in the artwork on the album It was definitely a fun, interesting venture for us We’d never played for kids before—we didn’t know what to expect but they were clapping and dancing"

In 2009, the song "Fools," also from the Visiter album, was featured in an advertisement for Miller Chill

After the release of Visiter, the band included Joe Haener formerly of The Gris Gris and Battleship in its touring line-up, playing xylophone, toy piano and additional percussions

Time to Die

Their album Time to Die was released for digital download on July 27, 2009 in the UK and July 28, 2009 in the US The physical LP release was on August 31, 2009 in the UK and September 15, 2009 in the US Joe Haener was replaced by Keaton Snyder during live performances Snyder became a third member of the recording band during this time, performing vibraphone on Time to Die

Copies of Time To Die were sold at The Dodos' August 14 performance in Seattle, WA

No Color

The Dodos' fourth album, No Color, was released on March 15, 2011 It features vocal contributions from Neko Case After recording with vibraphonist Snyder again, as Long told Pitchfork Media, "listening to the different mixes-- one with vibraphone and one without-- we all just responded to it a little bit better when the vibraphone was off" The decision was made for the band to return to a duo of Long and Kroeber As of March 24, 2011 the album has peaked at No 70 on the US charts The band was chosen by Les Savy Fav to perform at the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival that they co-curated in December 2011 in Minehead, England


The Dodos' fifth album, Carrier, was released August 27, 2013 via Polyvinyl Record Co on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats Carrier was also released in Canada via Dine Alone Records The album was recorded in the band's hometown of San Francisco, CA at John Vanderslice's iconic Tiny Telephone Studios Lyrically, Carrier contains numerous references to late Women guitarist Christopher Reimer, who died in his sleep in 2012 Reimer had joined The Dodos as a touring member and was a huge influence on Meric's guitar playing The album received multiple accolades from FILTER, The Line of Best Fit, Under The Radar and others


The Dodos' Sixth album, Individ, was released January 30, 2015

Equipment and playing techniques

The Dodos are known for using an alternate instrumental approach Logan Kroeber plays on a drum kit without a bass drum, playing often on the rims of the drums, and also uses a tambourine taped to his shoe During live performances they sometimes have a third member playing a vibraphone, a drum, and two cymbals placed on each other like a hihat Meric Long plays mainly acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars during performances, but he also owns a Springtime and a Tafelberg drum guitar built by Yuri Landman; Long has also been seen using a Fender Jazzmaster Long has been known to favor using his fingertips instead of a guitar pick


  • Meric Long - vocals, guitar 2005–present
  • Logan Kroeber - drums, percussion 2005–present
  • Keaton Snyder - vibraphone,percussion 2009–2010
Touring musicians
  • Joe Haener - vibraphone,percussion 2009
  • Christopher Reimer - guitars 2011; died 2012
  • Joe Haege - guitars, vocals 2013–present



Title Album details Peak chart positions
Beware of the Maniacs
  • Released: July, 2006
  • Label: Self-released
  • Released: March 18, 2008
  • Label: Frenchkiss
Time to Die
  • Released: September 15, 2009
  • Label: Frenchkiss
8 33
No Color
  • Released: March 15, 2011
  • Label: Frenchkiss
70 8 9 15
  • Released: August 27, 2013
  • Label: Polyvinyl Records
  • Released: January 25, 2015
  • Label: Polyvinyl Records
"—" denotes album that did not chart or was not released


  • "Red and Purple" 2008
  • "Fools" 2008
  • "Fables" 2009
  • "Longform" 2009
  • "Black Night" 2011
  • "Companions" 2011
  • "Good" 2011
  • "Confidence" 2013
  • "Competition" 2014

Special releases

  • Dodo Bird EP 2006
  • Red and Purple 7" 2008
  • Fools 7" 2008
  • The Dodos: Live at the Spiegeltent 2008
  • Fables 7" 2009
  • Live From Akropolis, Prague 2009
  • So Cold 7" 2011
  • Dodos Live in Amsterdam 2011


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