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The Animated Tales of GWAR

the animated tales of gwar, the animated tales of gwar download
The Animated Tales Of Gwar is a 2013 one-reel animated cartoon produced by Myke Chilian and the heavy metal band Gwar It was released online by Funny Or Die Cartoons[1]


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New song

The short opens with Gwar performing "Bring Back The Bomb" at a venue Oderus then announces that they have a new song for "all you kids" He then pulls up a stool and plays an acoustic guitar and sings about putting stuff away This incites fury from the audience With one audience member throwing a beer bottle at Oderus, but hitting Jizmak instead When the other band members confront him on the matter, he says he's tired of the violent image the band puts out and wants to make them a children's band, utilizing "education through positive music" The others are shocked at this revelation


When Pustulus asks if he's high, Oderus says he is indeed high, on life Beefcake says they need a doctor The doctor diagnoses Oderus' condition as "lead singer menopause", an illness that turns people into children's performers He goes on to say that the cure rests in the highest mountaintops of Antarctica, and that once obtained, it can return Oderus to his regular objectionable self The doctor wishes them good luck as he goes to use the bathroom Gwar leaves the room to get the cure while Oderus stays behind to censor Gwar's merchandise

Birthday party

In another room, Weird Al Yankovic is talking with someone on the phone about performing at a kid's birthday party Oderus listens in on the conversation and expresses desire to trade places with Weird Al At that moment, he gets an idea When Weird Al sees him, he expresses joy at meeting his idol, which quickly turns to horror as Oderus assaults him

Meanwhile, Gwar is climbing an Antarctic mountain where Jizmak suffers a stream of bad luck Getting a piece of Beefcake's armor stuck in his eye, getting a pickaxe stuck in his leg by a texting Balsac, getting a second pickaxe stuck in his head by Beefcake, who then throws him at the mountain summit, releasing an undead Tyrannosaurus rex

Meanwhile, Oderus stops at the birthday party Weird Al was to appear at, wearing Weird Al's face and hair like a mask He is able to fool the family and get in Back in Antarctica, Gwar is doing battle with the undead dinosaur when the doctor appears in Beefcake's subconscious and reveals that the cure for Oderus' affliction is in the dinosaur's blood At that moment, the dinosaur attacks and eats the doctor before getting its head sliced off by Beefcake

Back at the party, Oderus is failing to win the children's favor, with a girl stating that kids like "gross out humor" At that moment, Weird Al's face slides off, revealing Oderus' true identity Then, Gwar bursts in and Beefcake injects the cure into Oderus' head, which returns him to normal, to the delight of his bandmates The band then celebrates by slaughtering everybody at the party

Post credits

In a post-credits scene, Weird Al is met with upset reactions from the audience and fails to get them happy, swearing revenge on Gwar for ruining him


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the animated tales of gwar, the animated tales of gwar download

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