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Thame railway station

thame train station, thame railway station
Thame railway station was a station on the Wycombe Railway serving the town of Thame in Oxfordshire It was opened in 1862 as the terminus of an extension from High Wycombe via Princes Risborough The cost of construction of the station building was £2201 1S 5d additional general works were £2137 8S 8d In 1864 the line was extended from Thame to Oxford The station was built with a train shed over its platforms


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As originally built Thame station only had a single platform with an engine shed on the south side on the location where later cattle pens were built, sometime between 1864 and 1893 the engine shed was demolished and a second platform built, the trainshed roof was extended on one side to provide a cover over the new platform

As built Thame and the first station at High Wycombe were the same in design and dimensions only construction material differed: the train-shed walls at Thame were timber, while Wycombe's were flint and brick

Discontinuation of passenger serviceedit

In 1963 British Railways withdrew passenger services between Princes Risborough and Oxford, closed all intermediate stations including Thame, and dismantled the track between Thame and Cowley A BP depot remained at Thame and the line from Princes Risborough remained open for oil trains to serve it In 1991 the oil depot was closed A few years later all track between Thame and Princes Risborough was lifted, with the exception of a short stub at the Princes Risborough end

Current statusedit

Part of the line from Thame to Princes Risborough has been re-opened to pedal cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders under the title of The Phoenix Trail After closure this part of the line was subsequently purchased by Sustrans and converted into the cycle/pedestrian route and forms part of the UK National Cycle Route 57 The road bridges that crossed the line at either end of Thame Station and its two platforms are still there, although the station building and trainshed roof have gone

Thame is now served by Haddenham & Thame Parkway, 2 miles north-east of the town, which opened in 1987 on the Chiltern Main Line1

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line closed, station closed
  Western Region of British Railways
Wycombe Railway
  Towersey Halt
Line closed, station closed


  1. ^ "The Wycombe Railway" Retrieved 7 January 2009 

Coordinates: 51°44′28″N 0°58′09″W / 517411°N 09693°W / 517411; -09693

thame railway station, thame train station

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Thame railway station

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