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Televisió Digital Terrestre

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Televisió Digital Terrestre is the terrestrial digital television service in Andorra

On 25 September 2007 at 11pm, Andorra became one of the first European countries to switch off all terrestrial analogue transmissions, making TDT the only method of terrestrial TV reception in the country

The service is operated jointly by the Andorran Government and the country's telecommunications company Andorra Telecom


As well as offering Andorra's only TV Channel ATV, the service offers various channels from Spain and France It is also one of the few terrestrial television services to offer the BBC World News channel

Andorran channels:

  • Andorra Televisió

Catalan channels:

  • TV3
  • 33
  • 300
  • K3
  • 3/24
  • Esport3
  • Pirineus TV
  • 8TV

Spanish channels:

  • La 1
  • La 2
  • Antena 3
  • Cuatro
  • Telecinco
  • laSexta
  • Teledeporte

French Channels:

  • TF1
  • France 2
  • France 3
  • M6
  • NRJ 12
  • Arte
  • TV5 Monde
  • Direct 8

Portuguese Channels:

  • RTP Internacional
  • SIC Internacional
  • TVI Internacional

English Channels:

  • BBC World News
  • CNN International

Multilingual Channel:

  • Euronews

External links

  • Televisió Digital Terrestre - Official Site Catalan

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