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Telecommunications industry

telecommunications industry, telecommunications industry association
The telecommunications industry within the sector of information and communication technology is made up of all Telecommunications/Telephone companies and internet service providers and plays the crucial role in the evolution of mobile communications and the information society

Traditional telephone calls continue to be the industry's biggest revenue generator, but thanks to advances in network technology, Telecom today is less about voice and increasingly about text messaging, email and images eg video streaming High-speed internet access for computer-based data applications such as broadband information services and interactive entertainment, is pervasive Digital Subscriber Line DSL is the main broadband telecom technology The fastest growth comes from value-added services delivered over mobile networks 1

The telecom sector continues to be at the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continue to be more and more embedded in the fabric of society today and they are key in driving the momentum around some key trends such as video streaming, Internet of Things IoT, and mobile payments

— Deloitte2

Think of telecommunications as the world's biggest machine Strung together by complex networks, telephones, mobile phones and internet-linked PCs, the global system touches nearly all of us It allows us to speak, share thoughts and do business with nearly anyone, regardless of where in the world they might be Telecom operating companies make all this happen

— Investopedia1

Insight Research3 projects that telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow from $22 trillion in 2015 to $24 trillion in 20194


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Market segmentationedit

Of all the customer markets, residential and small business markets are the toughest With hundreds of players in the market, competitors rely heavily on price; success rests largely on brand name strength and investment in efficient billing systems The corporate market remains the industry's favorite Big corporate customers are concerned mostly about the quality and reliability of their telephone calls and data delivery while being less price-sensitive than residential customers Multinationals, spend heavily on telecom infrastructure and premium services like high-security private networks and videoconferencing Network connectivity can also be provided to other telecom companies by wholesaling circuits to heavy network users like internet service providers and large corporations 1

Value chainedit

2015 share of revenues by segment5
segment  % share of revenues
Infrastructure and platform vendors 5
Device vendors 20
Operators 55
Over-the-top content OTT, content, advertising services 10
Retail and distribution 10

Global playersedit

Top global telecom companies in 2013 6
Company Country Market value $ Bn Revenue Profit
China Mobile China 2138 888 205
AT&T USA 2001 1273 73
Verizon Communications USA 1373 1157 09
Vodafone UK 1357 744 111
América Móvil Mexico 707 602 71
Telefónica Spain 671 823 52
Telstra Australia 584 258 35
Nippon Telegraph & Tel Japan 582 127 56
Deutsche Telekom Germany 488 767 -7
Softbank Japan 472 3878 38


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