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Telecommunications in Uzbekistan

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Telecommunications networks in Uzbekistan are largely based on Soviet-built infrastructure but with many modern additions, making the country one of the leading influences in the region in informational development

In 2012, the telecommunications services volume grew by 225% year-on-year in Uzbekistan The amount of broadband ports installed totalled 378,000 across the country at the end of 2012, up by 555% year-on-year The number of ports in active use was 202,700 up by 372% A total of 1,576 km of fibre optic backbone lines were deployed across the country in the same year2


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  • 4 Internet
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There are digital exchanges in large cities and rural areas1

Domestic systemedit

The main line telecommunications system is dilapidated and telephone density is low The state-owned telecommunications company, Uztelecom, has used loans from the Japanese government and the China Development Bank to improve mainline services The completion of conversion to digital exchanges was in 2010 Mobile services are growing rapidly, with the subscriber base reaching 25 million in 20111

International systemedit

Uzbekistan is linked by fiber-optic cable or microwave radio relay with CIS member states and to other countries by leased connection via the Moscow international gateway switch After the completion of the Uzbek link to the Trans-Asia-Europe TAE fiber-optic cable,3 Uzbekistan plans to establish a fiber-optic connection to Afghanistan1


  • Uzbekistan Radio Stations Online Full List Updated 2013 Listen all Uzbekistan AM FM Radio Stations Online

Currently, Uzbekistan has four AM stations, 12 FM stations, and three shortwave stations Additionally, as of 1997, there are an estimated 102 million radios in use in Uzbekistan1


Uzbekistan has 28 television broadcast stations This includes one cable rebroadcaster in Taskent and approximately 20 stations in regional capitals1


There were over 9 million Internet users in Uzbekistan as of 19 March 2012, according to Uzbekistan's Agency for Communications and Information UzACI4 The "Uzbek Internet" is sometimes called "Uznet",5 akin to Runet The country code top level domain for Uzbekistan is uz1


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  •  This article incorporates public domain material from the CIA World Factbook document "2012 edition"

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