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Telangana cuisine

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Telangana cuisine is a food culture unique to Telangana region The Telangana state lies on the Deccan plateau and its topography dictates more millet and roti unleavened bread based dishes Jowar and Bajra features more prominently in their cuisine Due to its proximity with Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and northwest Karnataka, it shares some similarities of the Deccan plateau cuisine


  • 1 Staple food
    • 11 Vegetarian food
  • 2 Popukar delicacies
    • 21 Non-vegetarian foods
  • 3 Snacks & Savories
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Staple food

Telangana in its cuisine, there is special place for roti's made from millets, such as jonna rotte sorghum, sajja rotte penisetum, or Sarva Pindi" and Uppudi Pindi broken rice In Telangana a gravy or curry is called Koora and Pulusu Sour in based on Tamarind A deep fry reduction of the same is called Vepudu Kodi pulusu and Mamsam meat vepudu are popular dishes in meat Vankaya Brinjal Pulusu or Vepudu, Arintikaya Banana pulusu or Vepudu are one of the many varieties of vegetable dishes Telangana palakoora is a spinach dish cooked with lentils eaten with steamed rice and rotis Peanuts are added as special attraction and in Karimnagar District, cashew nuts are added

Popular Telangana curry dishes known as Koora include Boti and Thunti Koora made out of Red Sorrel leaves Potlakaya pulusu, or Snake gourd stew is one of the daily staple dish Sakinalu is the most popular dish made of rice flour during festivals like Dusshera and Sankranthi makes it very delicious and one of its kind dishes of South India

Vegetarian food

Moon-dal Pulusu made in a house of Andhra Pradesh,Vijayawada Various types of Lentils Pappulu and millets for sale in market

In Telangana regions Tamarind, Red Chilies koraivikaram and Asafetida are predominantly used in Telangana cooking Roselle is a major staple used extensively in curries and pickles

  • Sarva pindi, a spicy pancake, is a staple breakfast, made with rice flour, chana dal, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, curry leaves and green chiles
  • Puntikura Chana Dal: A vegetarian alternative to 'Gongura Ghosht', chana dal is cooked in spices and tempered with mustard and curry leaves
  • Bachali Kura: A tangy spinach curry cooked with tamarind paste
  • Pachi Pulusu: A spicy, raw rasam made with tamarind, chili and onions Prepared mainly in Summer

Popukar delicacies

  • Sajja Rotti
  • Makka Rotti
  • SarvaPindi
  • Upudu Pindi
  • Kudumulu
  • Rail Palaram
  • Passham sweet – done in 2 ways; one with jaggery and milk and the other with talukalu prepared of dough
  • Odapa
  • Pyalalu
  • Sabhudhana upma
  • Antuvuls also called as Bajji – Pulusu with vegetables
  • Kadambam
  • Makka Gudalu
  • Bebarla Gudallu
  • Sala Pachi pulsu
  • Pachi Pulusu
  • Challa Charu – A dish prepared by tempering buttermilk
  • Atukulu – Poha
  • Makkajona Garelu
  • Ponganallu
  • Sajja Kudumulu with onion chutney
  • Sadhulu – varieties of Rice, mainly cooked for Sadhula Bathukama Festival different flavors are as follows- SesameNuvulu, GroundnutsPalilu, Bengal Gram Putnalu,CoconutKobari, Tarmarind Chintapandu pulusu, Lemon nimakaya, Mango Mamidikaya, yogurtPerugu
  • Guddalu – prepared with different beans, Blackeye beans, corns, Chana, Sprouts along with some spice and onion
  • Sakinalu – rice flour Snack
  • Garje – a sweet filled with a combination of either sugar or jaggery, with lentils
  • Rotu Tokkulu – generally, they are prepared by semi fry the vegetables and grind it on a stone grinder tools, or in a mixer with adding thadka to it
  • Kalleguraaka kallegalapula Kura – mixed vegetable curry generally prepared during Sankranthi Festival

Non-vegetarian foods

  • Ooru Kodi Pulusu: Telangana’s special flavorful country chicken curry
  • Golichina Mamsam: A spicy Mutton fry
  • Ankapur Chicken, a fiery country chicken curry
  • Boti curry
  • Kaalla kura paya
  • Mutton curry

Snacks & Savories

Sugar madugulu is a sweet made with milk and butter with sugar coating, and pharda pheni' is another sugar-coated crispy wafer sweet Recent years has seen a resurgence of Telangana cuisines in restaurants around Hyderabad with the availability of Telangana thali dish for lunch


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