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Teesside Airport railway station

teesside airport railway station
Teesside Airport railway station is in the borough of Darlington in County Durham, England

Despite its name, it is almost a 1-mile walk from Durham Tees Valley Airport formerly Teesside International Airport, only two trains stop per week both on Sunday, and bus links to the airport and other destinations were withdrawn many years ago Consequently, the station has become one of the country's least-used, with an estimated 98 passenger entries/exits in 2015/16; in 2012/13 and 2013/14 patronage was just eight a year123


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The station is on the original route of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 5 miles 43 chains 89 km from Darlington South Junction;4 it was opened by British Rail on 3 October 19715

There are two platforms, each long enough for a four-coach train4 The airport changed its name to Durham Tees Valley Airport in 2004, however, the station's name was not updated In 2007, the train operating company Northern erected new signs reading "Teesside Airport", replacing signs which had used a hyphen in Teesside National Rail now also lists the station as "Teesside Airport"6


Map showing the location of Teesside Airport railway station

Located on the Tees Valley Line and operated by Northern, the station sees two trains call per week, both on Sunday; one to Hartlepool and the other to Dinsdale and Darlington7 Other services use this line, but pass the station without stopping The airport is an approximate 15-minute walk from the station and accessibility issues are a major factor in its lack of usage89

The station did have a more frequent service in the past the 1986 British Rail timetable had one train per hour in each direction, seven days a week, but since the early 1990s it has received only a bare minimum "parliamentary" service to avoid the need for formal closure proceedings

On 24 October 2009, a group of 26 people travelled to and from the station on the only scheduled service, to highlight the station's existence and its limited service, and to try to persuade railway authorities to move it 500 metres closer to the airport terminal81011 The station was featured in October 2010 on the BBC Radio 4 programme "The Ghost Trains of Old England",12 which mentioned the campaign and the fact that the station has a working payphone It was also suggested that a large proportion of the tickets sold for the station are bought by collectors who wish to own tickets with rare or unusual destinations, and do not necessarily travel

Transport linksedit

Previously, other public transport access was frequent, with the airport being served by the "Sky Express" bus service from Middlesbrough and Darlington In 2011 the links with Middlesbrough were lost as Stockton borough council withdrew funding, but services to Darlington and Hurworth remained

By 2012, passenger numbers had decreased so much that all journeys to and from the airport were withdrawn

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  • "Simon Calder – Britain's transport policy goes even more off the rails April 21, 2007 – Simon comments on Tees-side Airport railway station's lack of rail service" Archived from the original on 2007-09-27 
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