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Tapani incident

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The Tapani incident3 in 1915 was one of the biggest armed uprisings4 by Taiwanese Han and Aboriginals against Japanese rule in Taiwan Alternative names used to refer to the incident include the Xilai Temple Incident after the Xilai Temple in Tainan, where the revolt began, and the Yu Qingfang Incident after the leader Yu Qingfang5


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Multiple Japanese police stations were stormed by Aboriginal and Han Chinese fighters under Chiang Ting Jiang Ding and Yü Ch'ing-fang Yu Qingfang6


Modern Taiwanese historiography attempts to portray the Tapani Incident as a nationalist uprising either from a Chinese unification or Taiwanese independence perspective Japanese colonial historiography attempted to portray the incident as a large scale instance of banditry led by criminal elements However, the Tapani Incident differs from other uprisings in Taiwan's history because of its elements of millenarianism and folk religion, which enabled Yu Qingfang to raise a significant armed force whose members believed themselves to be invulnerable to modern weaponry7

The similarities between the rhetoric of the leaders of the Tapani uprising and the Righteous Harmony Society of the recent Boxer Rebellion in China were not lost on Japanese colonial authorities, and subsequently, the colonial government paid more attention to popular religion and took steps to improve on colonial administration in southern Taiwan

The aboriginals carried on with violent armed struggle against the Japanese while Han Chinese violent opposition stopped after Tapani8

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