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Taoyuan Metro

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Taoyuan Metro
Traditional Chinese 桃園捷運
Taoyuan Mass Rapid Transit System
Traditional Chinese 桃園都會區大眾捷運系統

Taoyuan Metro formerly Taoyuan Rail Transit and officially Taoyuan Mass Rapid Transit System is a rapid transit system serving the Taoyuan City area in Taiwan2 The proposed network will consist of five lines The system opened for commercial service on March 2, 2017 with the opening of the Taoyuan Airport MRT


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Network and operationsedit


Line Termini
District, City
Stations Length
 A  Taoyuan Airport MRT
Note 1
Taipei Main Station
Zhongzheng, Taipei
Zhongli, Taoyuan
21 5103 Chingpu

Future expansionedit

All lines will use standard gauge track, with the exception of the Red Line which will use 3 ft 6 in 1,067 mm track as it will use the right-of-way of a part of the TRA Western Line The Taolin Line segment of the Brown Line from Taoyuan to Shanbi is intended to be built as a bus rapid transit route

Line Termini Length km Status
 G  Main Line Danan/Bade Kengkou/Hengshan 272 Approved
Daxi Line Bade Daxi 10 Planning
Zhongli Line Bade Zhongli Planning
 O  Main Line Shanzaiding Tongan Planning
Longtan Line Shanzaiding Longtan 6 Planning
 BR  Taolin Line Taoyuan Shanbi 125 Planning
Huilong Line Taoyuan Huilong 115 Planning
 B  Blue Line Airport Terminal 2 Zhongli 254 Cancelled Merged with  A 
Route map


In March 2011, the Bureau of High Speed Rail, which oversees construction of the project, announced that the 114 km 71 mi-long elevated structure from Dayuan Station A15 to Xingnan Station A20 had been completed3 The rest of the Taoyuan Line passed an environmental impact assessment in July 2014 Construction is expected to last from June 2015 to 20194

See alsoedit

  • Rail transport in Taiwan
  • Transportation in Taiwan


  1. ^ The Airport MRT is also known as the Purple Line for the color scheme, and occasionally known as Blue Line as it was partially designated as such


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External linksedit

  • Taoyuan Metro Corp – official website
  • Taoyuan MRT by the Transportation Department, Taoyuan County Government

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