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Taiwan (disambiguation)

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Taiwan, officially the Republic of China ROC, is a state in East Asia centered on the island of the same name

Taiwan may also refer to:

  • Chinese Taipei, the name used for Taiwan when participating in some international organizations
  • Free area of the Republic of China, or Taiwan Area, the territory of Republic of China not lost to the Chinese Communists
  • the area covered by the Taiwan Relations Act the island of Taiwan and the Penghu archipelago, but not the outer islands
  • Taiwan Province, Republic of China, a nominal administrative division covering much of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands
  • Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China, a political designation reflecting that state's claim of sovereignty
    • "Taiwan, China", a controversial term presenting Taiwan as part of "China"
  • Republic of Formosa, or Taiwan Republic, the republic that existed in Taiwan in 1895
  • Taiwan Prefecture, a prefecture of the Qing Dynasty between 1684 and 1887

Tai Wan "big bay" is the name of several places in Hong Kong, including:

  • Tai Wan, Hung Hom, an area in Kowloon, which includes Tai Wan Road
  • Tai Wan, a beach at Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung in the east of the New Territories
  • Tai Wan, a bay and village on the island of Po Toi


  • 2169 Taiwan, a main-belt asteroid
  • ISO 3166-2:TW, a part of ISO 3166
  • Taiwan Jones, an American football player
  • Taiwan Jones linebacker, an American football linebacker

See also

  • Republic of China disambiguation
  • ROC disambiguation

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