Szlichtyngowa German: Schlichtingsheim is a town in Poland, in the Wschowa County of the Lubuskie Voivodship, near the Oder River

It was founded in 1644, about one mile behind the border between Silesia and Greater Poland by the junker Johann Georg von Schlichting Polish: Jan Jerzy Szlichting who obtained a royal charter from the King Władysław IV Vasa of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for the new settlement near his residence in the village of Górczyna The area was settled by Protestant ethnic German exiles fleeing the Holy Roman Empire province of Silesia during the Thirty Years' War 1618–1648 Originally it was named after the founder: Schlichtingsheim Polish: Schlichtinkowo In 1793, it was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia within the Second Partition of Poland As a result of the Potsdam Conference, since 1945 the town belongs to Poland

The population as of 2004 was 1,348


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Coordinates: 51°43′N 16°15′E / 51717°N 16250°E / 51717; 16250

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