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szczuczyn warsztaty samochodowe, szczuczyn bialostocki
Szczuczyn is a town in Grajewo County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland, with 3,602 inhabitants 2004

Stanisław Antoni Szczuka is buried there


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See also: Szczuczyn pogrom

Some 56% of the town's 4,502 inhabitants were Jews prior to the war At the outbreak of the Second World War Szczuczyn was briefly occupied by German forces who sent 350 men, mostly Jewish, to forced labor, of whom only 30 returned after five months The town was then turned over to the Soviets, who arrested the wealthy residents of the town, including many Jews Some twenty Jewish families were expelled to Siberia on 21 June 1941 and approximately 2,000 Jews remained in the town In June 1941, some 300 Jews were killed in a massacare carried out by the Polish inhabitants of Szczuczyn after the town was bypassed by the invading German soldiers in the beginning of Operation Barbarossa The June massacre was stopped by German soldiers A subsequent massacre by Poles in July killed some 100 Jews, and following the German Gestapo takeover in August 1941 some 600 Jews were killed by the Germans, the remaining Jews placed in a ghetto, and subsequently sent to Treblinka extermination camp

Notable residents

  • Fania Bergstein 1908–1950, Hebrew-language poet
  • Myer Prinstein 1878–1925, Jewish American track and field athlete, three-time Olympic gold medal winner


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External links

  • Official town webpage
  • Jewish community of Szczuczyn
  • From the Inferno Back to Life Szczuczyn, Poland- Written by Itzhak Wertman z”l

Coordinates: 53°34′N 22°18′E / 53567°N 22300°E / 53567; 22300

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