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szczawno-zdrój map, szczawno zdrój
Coordinates:50°47′58″N 16°15′18″E / 5079944°N 1625500°E / 5079944; 1625500



Coat of arms
Coordinates:50°47′58″N 16°15′18″E / 5079944°N 1625500°E / 5079944; 1625500
Country Poland
VoivodeshipLower Silesian
GminaSzczawno-Zdrój urban gmina
  Total1474 km2 569 sq mi
Highest elevation430 m 1,410 ft
Lowest elevation400 m 1,300 ft
Population 2006
  Density370/km2 970/sq mi
Postal code58-310

Szczawno-ZdrójGerman:Bad Salzbrunn, until 1935 Ober Salzbrunn is a spa town in Wałbrzych County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland


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Town Hall

The town in the historic Lower Silesia region is situated north of the Central Sudetes mountains, approximately 3 kilometres 2 mi north-west of Wałbrzych and 66 kilometres 41 mi south-west of the regional capital Wrocław

As at 2006, the town has a population of 5,506


The area was settled in the course of the clearing of the former Silesian Przesieka borderland A place called Salzborn was first mentioned in a 1221 deed, from the 14th century two settlements, Nieder "Lower" and Ober "Upper" Salzbrunn are documented The parish church and a hospital at Nieder Salzbrunn were probably established by the Piast duke Henry I the Bearded after 1200, benefitting from the healing spring at Ober Salzbrunn first mentioned in 1385 Together with the Silesian Duchy of Jawor-Świdnica it fell to the Bohemian Crown after the death of Duke Bolko II the Small in 1368, held by his widow Agnes of Habsburg until 1392

Ruled by Bohemian governors residing at Książ Castle, the area was devastated during the Thirty Years' War It was annexed by the Prussian king Frederick the Great after the First Silesian War in 1742 Incorporated into the Province of Silesia from 1815, prior to 1945 it was in Germany for more information about the history of the region, see Silesia In 1935 Ober Salzbrunn was officially acknowledged as a spa town and renamed Bad Salzbrunn


In the end of World War II, the town was occupied by Red Army forces in the course of the Vistula–Oder Offensive and fell to the Republic of Poland upon the 1945 Potsdam Agreement The remaining German population was expelled

Notable people

  • Gerhart Hauptmann 1862–1946, playwright and writer, Nobel laureate in literature for the year 1913
  • Clytus Gottwald 1925-, composer, conductor, and musicologist


  • Historical city of Kłodzko with its houses from 15th and 16th century
  • Gola Dzierżoniowska Castle
  • Medieval town of Niemcza
  • Cistercian monastery at Henryków
  • Wojsławice Arboretum

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