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System G (supercomputer)

system g super computer image, system g super computer definition
System G is a cluster supercomputer at Virginia Tech consisting of 324 Apple Mac Pro computers with a total of 2592 processing cores It was finished in November 2008 and ranked 279 in that month's edition of TOP500, running at 1678 teraflops and peaking at 2294 teraflops It now runs at a “sustained Linpack performance of 228 TFlops” It transmits data between nodes over Gigabit Ethernet and 40Gbit/s Infiniband


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Mac Pro Nodes

Each of the 324 Mac Pro machines contains two quad-core 28 GHz Xeon processors and 8 gigabytes of RAM


System G’s name stems from its homage to System X and to its focus on green computing—the cluster has thousands of power and thermal sensors to test high performance computing at low power requirements and is the largest power-aware research system in the world


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External links

  • Computer Science at Virginia Tech: System G
  • Virginia Tech: Center for High-End Computing Systems ‘CHECS’
  • Ars Technica: Virginia Tech building super computer out of 324 Mac Pros
  • TOP500 website

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