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Syed Kamal

syed kamal, syed kamal pakistani actor
Syed Kamal Urdu: سیّد کمال‬‎; April 27, 1934 – October 1, 2009 was a Pakistani film and TV actor, producer and director He had worked in 4 Bollywood films before migrating to Pakistan

Kamal was a popular film star of in the 1960s and the 1970s Kamal, whose film Tauba 1963 became a success at the box office, has a striking resemblance to the Indian filmstar Raj Kapoor, and he is not evasive about this issue He once said, "People used to mistake me for Raj Kapoor while I was in Bombay and he enjoyed it" In fact, according to Pakistani script writer Ali Sufyan Afaqi, Kamal used to practice Raj Kapoor's scenes in front of a mirror Kamal's first appearance in his Pakistani movie by producer Shabab Keranvi Thandi Sarak 1957 was meant to resemble Raj Kapoor Syed Kamal won a Nigar Award Special Award for film Behan Bhai 1968 , and also a Nigar Award 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in 2000

After retirement from films, he began acting in Pakistan Television dramas at fairly advanced age His most notable TV appearance is in hit TV drama Kashkol in which he played a wealthy businessman whose son played by his real life son, Ghalib Kamal becomes addicted to heroin


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Syed Kamal died on October 1, 2009 at Karachi after a lingering illness at age 75


The following films were directed by Syed Kamal:

  • Shehnai 1968 starring Syed Kamal-Deeba
  • Insaan Aur Gadha 1973 starring Syed Kamal-Nisho-Rozina
  • Yahan Say Wahan Tak starring Syed Kamal-Mumtaz
  • Honeymoon 1970 starring Syed Kamal-Husna-Rozina
  • Roop Behroop starring producer-director-actor Syed Kamal opposite Nisho
  • Doosri Maan starring Syed Kamal-Shamim Ara
  • Meray Bacchay Meri Aankhein starring Syed Kamal-Deeba
  • Dard-E-Dil starring Syed Kamal and Zeba
  • Aaliya starring Syed Kamal and Shamim Ara
  • Jatt Kurrian Taun Darda 1976 A Punjabi film, starring Syed Kamal, Neelo and Aslam Pervaiz
  • Ajj Dian Kurrian 1977 A Punjabi film, starring Syed Kamal and Neelo
  • Jat Kamala Gaya Dubai 1984

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  • Syed Kamal on IMDb, Retrieved 4 Feb 2016

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