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Sweet Baboo

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Sweet Baboo is the stage name of Stephen Black, a musician from rural North Wales now based in Cardiff Before becoming a solo artist, he played with the band JT MOuse Alongside his solo work, he's also played with many other artists, including with Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, Euros Childs and Slow Club He is bilingual in Welsh and English but usually sings in English


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Sweet Baboo's earliest musical influences were fellow Welsh musicians such as Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Later influences have included the Beach Boys, Dire Straits, Squeeze and Jonathan Richman His musical style has been described as a mix of country and psychedelic – idiosyncratic, with a skill for writing darkly funny to piercingly tender lyrics

Sweet Baboo has performed extensively at festivals such as Glastonbury, Festival N°6 and Latitude; he's been a regular performer at the Green Man Festival He has worked with Cate Le Bon, Slow Club and H Hawkline, and has also performed with and produced Euros Childs, The Pictish Trail, The Voluntary Butler Scheme and Islet, and collaborated with Gruff Rhys

Sweet Baboo's album I'm a Dancer / Songs about Sleepin' was nominated for the first ever Welsh Music Prize in 2011

Sweet Baboo launched single "Let's Go Swimming Wild" in 2012 as a free download After winning BBC Radio 6 Music's "Rebel Playlist" weekly singles competition on the Steve Lamacq show, it was constantly played on the station, hourly on the hour "If I Died", the second single from his upcoming album, was released in March 2013 to much critical acclaim To celebrate that month's St David's Day, a Welsh-language version of the song co-written with H Hawkline was released online The third single from the album, "C'Mon Let's Mosh", was released in July 2013, having also won the 6 Music "Rebel Playlist" competition in June

The album "Ships" was released in April 2013 on Moshi Moshi Records Sweet Baboo followed the release with his first headlining tour in the UK and also performed solo shows and band shows in several festivals during summer 2013 Another headlining tour followed later in the year The album was nominated for the Welsh Music Prize in 2013

On 11 November 2013, Sweet Baboo released a new EP titled Motorhome Songs

In July 2014, Moshi Moshi released a limited edition 12" vinyl collection of tracks recorded during sessions on Marc Riley's show on BBC 6 Music over the previous decade The release was followed by a short series of performances named The Test Pressings Tour and a duo tour with The Pictish Trail The duo returned to that set for a one-off performance at the 2015 Green Man Festival, where Black also performed a full-band set featuring The Mavron Quartet and as part of the bands accompanying H Hawkline and Meilyr Jones

In December 2014, Black contributed vocals to Mowbird's Lady Lion EP on Shape Records He also played saxophone on the track "Lady Low" from Teleman's 2014 debut album

His following album, The Boombox Ballads, was released in August 2015, again on Moshi Moshi The track "You Got Me Time Keeping" features Tender Prey Laura Bryon on vocals In March 2016, he released an EP, Dennis, which featured unreleased tracks from the recordings of The Boombox Ballads and two covers, one of them of a Dennis Wilson track

Sweet Baboo's next album, Wild Imagination, was released in June 2017 on Moshi Moshi In October 2017 the album was nominated for the 2016–2017 Welsh Music Prize

Personal life

Black was born in Bethesda in north Wales, grew up in Colwyn Bay and Trefriw, and has been living in Cardiff since he was 18 He studied music at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama His brother David has played on some of his recordings He is close friends with fellow musicians Cate Le Bon and H Hawkline and often performs in their accompanying bands The three, along with musician R Seiliog Robin Edwards, also briefly played together as post-rock band Means Heinz

Black married his longtime girlfriend Bronwen in October 2013; they live with their son born 2014 in Cardiff

Solo discography


  • The Mighty Baboo 2008
  • Hello Wave 2009
  • I'm a Dancer / Songs about Sleeping vinyl 2011; CD 2014
  • Ships 2013
  • The Marc Riley BBC Sessions 2014
  • The Boombox Ballads 2015
  • Wild Imagination 2017


  • C'mon Let's Permoose 2004
  • Girl Under a Tree vinyl 2011; CD 2014
  • Motorhome Songs vinyl 2013
  • Dennis vinyl 2016

Stand-alone singles

  • Mountain 2006
  • C'mon Beef 2007


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External links

  • Sweet Baboo on Twitter

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