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Surrey LRT

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The proposed Surrey Light Rail system, also known as the L Line,1 is a 27-kilometre 17 mi network in Surrey, British Columbia containing two light rail lines radiating from the Surrey Central Skytrain station and transit hub First proposed in 2012 by Surrey mayor Dianne Watts,2 the first construction is expected to start in 20183

There are two proposed lines:45

  • Phase 1: Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line
  • Phase 2: Surrey–Langley Line


  • 1 Timeline
  • 2 Proposed network
    • 21 Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line
      • 211 Proposed stops
    • 22 Surrey–Langley Line
  • 3 Criticism
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This project—among others, including a new subway line in Vancouver—was included as one of the initiatives in need of funding that was proposed to be raised by the imposition of a regional sales tax which was put forward for voter approval in a 2015 plebiscite The electorate voted against the tax increase;6 however, then-mayor of Surrey Linda Hepner said, after the sales tax was voted down, that the city still planned to build the light rail project as it was the main component in her election campaign7

The Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line would be built by 2025 while the Surrey–Langley Line on the Fraser Highway would be finished in 20304 A report outlining the economic benefits of the project was produced by a consulting firm in May 20158

In 2017, the federal government budget included funding contributions to this project9 Prior to the provincial election in 2017, the BC Liberals confirmed they would match the federal contribution if they were re-elected10

Proposed networkedit

Surrey–Newton–Guildford Lineedit

The Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line will replace existing 96 B-Line express bus service once completed

Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line will connect Surrey City Centre with Newton Town Centre via King George Boulevard and Guildford Town Centre via 104 Avenue Travel time from Newton Town Centre to Surrey Central will be 15 minutes and will take additional 10 minutes to Guildford Town Centre

Proposed stopsedit

  • 152 Street Guildford Exchange - serves Guildford Town Centre
  • 148 Street
  • 144 Street
  • 140 Street
  • Surrey Central Station - connects to the SkyTrain system and also serves Central City Shopping Centre and Surrey City Hall
  • King George Station - connects to the SkyTrain system
  • 96 Avenue - serves Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • 88 Avenue - serves Surrey Arts Centre
  • 80 Avenue
  • 76 Avenue
  • 72 Avenue Newton Exchange

Surrey–Langley Lineedit

The Surrey–Langley Line is proposed as a future phase after the completion of the Surrey–Newton–Guildford Line The line will travel on the Fraser Highway and will connect Surrey City Centre, Fleetwood Town Centre and Langley Travel time will be 245 minutes


The project has been criticized by local residents and advocacy groups for issues such as a lack of travel time improvement, large annual operating deficits, vulnerability to accidents and a negative business case suggested by the original TransLink joint analysis111213 Kevin Desmond, CEO of TransLink, has said it is still a possibility that the planned rapid transit connection to Langley could be built using SkyTrain technology instead of LRT14

See alsoedit

  • Light rail in Canada
  • SkyTrain


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External linksedit

  • Surrey LRT Project – City of Surrey
  • Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT Project – TransLink
  • SkyTrain for Surrey

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