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Summer Camp (band)

summer camp (band), summer camp band wiki
Summer Camp are an indie pop duo formed in October 2009 by married couple multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley and vocalist Elizabeth Sankey They are currently signed to the Moshi Moshi label on which they have released all three of their full-length albums, as well as three EPs and a film soundtrack

Summer Camp's musical style has been described as "21st-century altpop", but also is influenced by 1960s girl groups and 1980s synthpop The lyrics, written by Sankey, are often quite dark and deal with failed relationships, conflicts, treasure and teenage obsessions Along with the band's artwork and music videos they also draw heavily from American culture from the 1960s–1980s

In 2014, they released their soundtrack to Beyond Clueless, a teen movie documentary directed by critic Charlie Lyne


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    • 11 Albums
    • 12 EPs
    • 13 Singles
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  • Welcome to Condale, 31 October 2011, Moshi Moshi, 2011 digital, CD, 12"
  • Summer Camp, 9 September 2013, Moshi Moshi, 2013 digital, CD, 12"
  • Beyond Clueless original soundtrack, 4 August 2014, Moshi Moshi, 2014 digital, 12"
  • Bad Love, 25 May 2015, Moshi Moshi, 2015 digital, CD, 12"


  • Young, September 6, 2010, Moshi Moshi digital, CD
  • Always, June 29, 2012, Apricot digital, 10"
  • Christmas, December 1, 2015, Moshi Moshi digital


  • "Ghost Train" – 12 April 2010, Moshi Moshi digital, 1000 run 7"
  • "Round The Moon" – 6 September 2010, Moshi Moshi digital, 1000 run 7"
  • "Better Off Without You" - 2011, Moshi Moshi digital
  • "Down" - October 2011, Moshi Moshi digital


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