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Suliman Bashear

suliman bashear
Suliman Bashear PhD Arabic: سليمان بشير‎‎, Sulaymān Bashīr, Hebrew: סולימאן בשיר‎‎; 1947–October 1991 was a leading Druze Arab scholar and professor, who taught at Birzeit University, An-Najah National University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Bashear was noted for his work on the early historiography of Islam


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Life and educationedit

Bashear was born in the northern Palestinian village of Mghar Bashear studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for his BA 1971 and MA 1973 In 1976, he received his PhD at the University of London for his dissertation ‘Communism in the Arab East’, which was published both in Arabic and in English

He died in October 1991 following a heart attack, cutting short a promising career In the last six years of his life, he had produced no less than fifteen published articles1


Bashear made international headlines when he was injured after allegedly being thrown from a second-story window by his students at the University of Nablus in the West Bank as he argued that Islam developed as a religion gradually within the historical context of Judaism and Christianity rather than being the revelation of a prophet2 However, this incident has been denied by Bashear’s wife, Dr Lily Feidy, where she wrote in an email message, “Please note that Suliman was never attacked or injured by his students; nor was he physically attacked by anybody else I have been asked this question a million times”3

Bashear's historiography of early Islam considered not only the development of religious customs and beliefs, but also traced how later generations recast the past in order to meet the needs of their own era Like the work of Patricia Crone, John Wansbrough, Yehuda D Nevo, and other historiographers of early Islam, Bashear's research challenged what he considered to be the myth of a unified beginning Islam

Books and articlesedit

  • Communism in the Arab East: 1918–28 London: Ithaca Press, 1980
  • Muqaddimah fī at-tārīkh al-ākhar: Naḥ̣ḥwa qirāʾah jadīdah l-il-riwāyah al-Islāmiyyah An Introduction to the other history: Towards a new reading of Islamic tradition Jerusalem, 1984 Arabic
  • ‘Qurʾān 2:114 and Jerusalem’ Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 522 1989: 215-238
  • ‘Yemen in early Islam: An Examination of non-tribal traditions’ Arabica 363 November 1989: 327-361
  • ‘Abraham’s sacrifice of his son and related issues’ Der Islam 67 1990: 243-277
  • ‘The Title «fārūq» and its association with ʿUmar I’ Studia Islamica 72 1990: 47-70
  • ‘Apocalyptic and other materials on early Muslim-Byzantine wars: A Review of Arabic sources’ Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 3rd s 12 1991: 173-207
  • ‘ʿĀshūrā, an early Muslim fast’ Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft 1412 1991: 281-316
  • ‘The Mission of Diḥya al-Kalbī and the situation in Syria’ Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 14 1991: 84-114
  • ‘Qibla musharriqa and early Muslim prayer in churches’ The Muslim World 81 1991: 267-282
  • ‘Riding beasts on divine missions: An Examination of the ass and camel traditions’ Journal of Semitic Studies 361 Spring 1991: 37-75
  • ‘The Images of Mecca: A Case study in Muslim iconography’ Le Muséon 105 1992: 361-377
  • ‘Muslim apocalypses and the Hour: A Case-study in traditional interpretation’ Israel Oriental Studies 13 1993: 75-99
  • ‘On the origin and development of zakāt in early Islam’ Arabica 40 1993: 84-1134
  • ‘Qunūt in tafsīr and ḥadīth literatures’ Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 19 1995: 36-65
  • Arabs and others in early Islam Princeton: Darwin Press, 1997
  • Judhur al-wisayah al-Urduniyah: Dirasah fi wathaʾiq al-Arshif as-Sihyuni Beirut: Sharikat Quds, 2001 Arabic
  • Studies in early Islamic tradition Collected Studies in Arabic and Islam Jerusalem: Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004
    • This collects thirteen published articles listed above, as well as the following two unpublished studies: ‘Ḥanīfiyya and the ḥajj’ and ‘Jesus in an early Muslim shahāda and related issues: A New perspective’


  • Stewart, Devin J Review of Suliman Bashear, Studies in early Islamic tradition Jerusalem: Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004 International Journal of Middle East Studies 412 May 2009: 321-322

Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam - 第 245 页


  1. ^ Obituary in introduction to Studies in early Islamic tradition by Laurence Conrad, University of Hamburg
  2. ^ The New York Times Radical New Views of Islam and the Origins of the Koran
  3. ^ Sadeghi, Behnam, and Mohsen Goudarzi "Ṣan ‘ā’1 and the Origins of the Qur’ān" Der Islam 871-2 2012, page 32 DOI: 101515/islam-2011-0025
  4. ^ Fred McGraw Donner - 2010 "The original concept of zakat or sadaqa as a payment in expiation for sin, rather than alms, is brilliantly explored in Suliman Bashear, "On the Origins and Development of the Meaning of Zakat in Islam," Arabica 40 1993: 84-113"

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