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sulechów mapa, sulechów osiedle piastów
Sulechów German: Züllichau is a town in Poland, in Lubusz Voivodeship, in Zielona Góra County It is the administrative seat of the Gmina Sulechów


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Sulechów is situated in the historic Lower Silesia region, north of the Oder river The town centre is located about 15 km 93 mi northeast of the regional capital Zielona Góra, where the national road 32 to Poznań crosses the national road 3 to Gorzów Wielkopolski The regional Zielona Góra Airport is about 10 km 62 mi away


The settlement of the region on the Middle Oder dates back to the 4th century AD In the 10th century the area was part of the Polish realm of the Piast duke Mieszko I It became part of the Duchy of Silesia in 1138, and, later belonged to the Silesian Duchy of Głogów, established in 1249-51 under the rule of Duke Konrad I

The settlement itself was first mentioned in a 1319 deed, at the time when the warlike Ascanian margrave Waldemar of Brandenburg campaigned the area, occupying Sulechów and neighbouring Świebodzin Margrave Waldemar, however, died in the same year, and the localities fell back to the Piast dukes of Głogów

When the last Piast duke Henry XI of Głogów died without issue in 1476, inheritance claims were raised by his widow Barbara of Brandenburg and her father, the Hohenzollern elector Albrecht Achilles The Brandenburg influence met with fierce opposition by Henry's Piast cousin, Duke Jan II the Mad of Żagań, who nevertheless after several years of fighting had to sign an agreement, whereby the Silesian towns of Krosno Crossen and Sulechów finally passed to Brandenburg

Krosno Gate

With Crossen, Züllichau was incorporated into the Brandenburg Neumark district by 1535, ruled by Margrave John of Brandenburg-Küstrin who implemented the Protestant Reformation Two years later, the Piast duke Joachim of Münsterberg-Oels and his younger brothers officially waived any rights to the Crossen and Züllichau territories Part of Brandenburg-Prussia from 1618, the town was devastated during the Thirty Years' War but again flourished under the rule of the "Great Elector" Frederick William

Züllichau was part of the newly established Kingdom of Prussia in 1701 While King Frederick the Great went on to conquer the bulk of the Silsian lands in the southeast, Züllichau became a garrison town of the Prussian Army From 1815 it belonged to the Province of Brandenburg and became the administrative seat of the Züllichau-Schwiebus rural district within the Frankfurt Region

The territory was conquered by Red Army forces during the Vistula-Oder Offensive in the final stage of World War II Sulechów fell to the Republic of Poland by the implementation of the Oder–Neisse line in 1945, while the remaining German population was expelled

Holy Cross Church

Notable people

  • Johann Gottfried Rösner - born 1658, executed in 1724 as mayor of Thorn Toruń as a consequence of the Tumult of Thorn
  • Caspar Neumann - born 1683, first pharmaceutical professor at the Berlin Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum
  • Johann Gottfried Ebel - born 1764, author
  • Minna Herzlieb - born 1789, role model for "Ottilie" in Goethes "Die Wahlverwandtschaften"
  • Hermann Marggraff - born 1809, author
  • Theodor Kullak - 1818–1882 pianist, composer was educated in the town
  • Rüdiger Graf von der Goltz - 1865–1946, a German Major-General during World War I and Estonian War of Independence
  • Gerhard Benack 1915–1994, German officer
  • Peter Robert Keil - 6 August 1942, is a German painter and sculptor
  • Klaus-Dieter Ludwig - born 1943, German rower
  • Olga Tokarczuk - 1962, Polish writer
  • Łukasz Żygadło - 1979, volleyball player
  • Mela Koteluk - 1985, singer
Former Calvinist church

International relations

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Poland

Twin towns — sister cities

Sulechów is twinned with:

  • Neuruppin, Germany
  • Borough of Rushmoor Farnborough and Aldershot England
  • Fürstenwalde, Germany since 2014

See also

  • List of POW camps in Germany
  • Rushmoor
  • Zielona Góra Airport


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External links

  • Official website
  • Jewish Community in Sulechów on Virtual Shtetl
  • Züllichau in Crossen district in 1615 on map of Germany

Coordinates: 52°05′N 15°37′E / 52083°N 15617°E / 52083; 15617

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