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Sula Wolff

sula wolff
Sula Wolff 1 March 1924 – 21 September 2009 was a prominent British child psychiatrist Her work focused mainly on a group of socially withdrawn, eccentric and schizoid children which she followed for over 20 years

In 1996 she translated a landmark paper by Grunya Sukhareva which may be the earliest description of autistic symptoms in children


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She was born in Berlin, Weimar Germany in 1924 After Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 she and her family moved to the United Kingdom She graduated in Medicine from Oxford University in 1947

At the Maudsley Hospital where she acquired a post-graduate training in psychiatry she became interested in the psychological problems of children After the Maudsley Hospital she practised in Cape Town and in New York She married Henry Walton, a South African psychiatrist They settled in Edinburgh where Walton became Professor of Psychiatry and she, in 1966, became a consultant psychiatrist at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children She published Children under Stress in 1969


  • Children Under Stress Penguin Press: London 1969 ISBN 9780140136449
  • Loners: the Life Path of Unusual Children: Routledge: London 1995 ISBN 978-0-415-06665-5


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