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Stuart Cull-Candy

stuart cull-candy
Stuart Graham Cull-Candy FRS FMedSci born 2 November 1946[citation needed] is a British neuroscientist[1] He holds the Gaddum Chair of Pharmacology and a personal Chair in Neuroscience at University College London[2] He is also a member of the Faculty of 1000 and holds a Royal Society - Wolfson Research position[3]


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He earned a Master of Science degree from University College London,[citation needed] and a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1974

Career and research

After working as a Royal Society Exchange Fellow at the University of Lund with Prof Stephen Thesleff, he held a Beit Memorial Research Fellowship in UCL's Biophysics Department with Sir Bernard Katz and Prof Ricardo Miledi He was previously a Wellcome Trust Reader and then Professor of Pharmacology He has been an Editorial Advisor to Nature, and served on the Editorial Boards of various journals including Neuron, The Journal of Physiology and as a Reviewing Editor on Journal of Neuroscience[citation needed] Currently[when] he is a member of the Royal Society University Research Fellowships Committee, and the Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships panel

His research focuses on understanding molecular and functional properties of glutamate receptor channels underlying fast synaptic transmission in the brain His research activities also include the study of ionotropic GABA and glutamate receptor signalling and regulation of neurotransmitter release He has been a keen advocate of patch-clamp recording techniques combined with molecular methods for investigating central synaptic transmission[4]

Awards and honours

He was awarded the GL Brown Prize by the UK Physiological Society, and was appointed a Howard Hughes International Scholar in 1993 one of only 20 in the UK He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2002,[5] and a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences[when] and the British Pharmacological Society[6]


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