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stęszew koło poznania, stęszew festiwal rozpoczęcie lata
Stęszew German Stenschewo, German-nazi Seenbrück is a town in Poland, with 5,248 inhabitants 2004 in Poznań County, Greater Poland Voivodship

Coordinates: 52°16′45″N 16°42′29″E / 5227917°N 1670806°E / 5227917; 1670806



Stęszew wojowództwie lies in Wielkopolska In its vicinity there are 9 lakes, which are located in the recreation centers In the vicinity of the boundary Stęszew Wielkopolski National Park History

Stęszew formerly lay on an important trade route from Silesia In 1370 Casimir the Great gave the city rights In the fifteenth century was Steszew parish school The city developed rapidly until the invasion of the Swedes and 7-year war Stęszew was a city and private owners often changed In 1793 the city came under Prussian rule In 1799 the city sold Jabłonowska Dorothy Prince William VI of Orange, the future king of the united Netherlands, and Belgium, and then went to the heir From 1922 he belonged to the district Steszew Poznan During the Nazi occupation Stęszewska people were taken to forced labor and concentration camps Liberation Stęszew and neighborhoods took place in January 1945 Attractions

Shrine of the Virgin - built in 1905 at the burned church The building is located

statue of the Virgin Mary

The parish church - from the fifteenth-century church The temple was built in Baroque style Has

Renaissance side altars

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