Stąporków   listen is a town with 6,200 inhabitants in Końskie County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland The town belongs to the historic province of Lesser Poland, and its name is probably derived from the name of the owner, Stąpor In the past, it also used to be called Stomporków

The history of Stąporków dates back to the mid-16th century, and is associated with early ironworks, which was part of the Old-Polish Industrial Region In 1738 - 1739 a blast furnace was built here by Polish Crown Chancellor Jan Malachowski In 1781, Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden, a German pioneer in mining and metallurgy, visited Stąporków At that time, the village's furnace produced a hundredweight of pig iron per week, more than similar plants in Upper Silesia In 1838 the Malachowski family expanded and modernized the plant An old blast furnace was replaced by two modern ones Between 1876 and 1895, new upgrades and expansions of the plant took place

Despite the widespread destruction and requisition of equipment during World War I, the plant operated until 1938, and the buildings survived until 1945, when they were destroyed during heavy fighting After World War II, the local industry was reopened, and iron ore mining was initiated The iron foundry in 1961 employed 1,100 people, and Stąporków population increased from 700 in 1946 to 3,472 in 1961 In 1967 Stąporków received municipal rights, and in the late 1960s, a Health Centre, a Gymnasium, and a sports hall were built

Coordinates: 51°09′N 20°33′E / 51150°N 20550°E / 51150; 20550

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