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Stonewall Cemetery

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Stonewall Cemetery is a subsection of Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia, established in 1866 for 2,575 Confederate soldiers who died in battle or in the hospitals in and around the Winchester area A monument over the mass grave of more than 800 unknown Confederate soldiers is at the center of the cemetery, and the plots are divided by the home states of the fallen soldiers within[1]

Notable burials

  • The Brothers Ashby:
    • Brigadier General Turner Ashby 1828–1862, "Black Knight of the Confederacy", cavalry commander during Jackson's Valley Campaign, killed at Good's Farm
    • Captain Richard Ashby 1831–1861, killed by Union patrol near Hampshire County
  • The Patton Brothers:
    • Colonel George Smith Patton 1833–1864, brigade commander during the Valley Campaigns of 1864, killed at Opequon; grandfather of General George S Patton, army commander during World War II
    • Colonel Waller Tazewell Patton 1835–1863, commander of the 7th Virginia Infantry, killed during Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg
  • Brigadier General Archibald Campbell Godwin 1831–1864, brigade commander during the Valley Campaigns of 1864, killed at Opequon
  • Brigadier General Robert Daniel Johnston 1837–1919, brigade commander during the Overland Campaign and in the Valley Campaigns of 1864; father of Colonel Gordon Johnston, Medal of Honor recipient during Philippine–American War
  • Major General John George Walker 1821–1893, Mexican–American War veteran, brigade commander during the Peninsula Campaign, commander of Walker's Greyhounds in the Western Theater


  1. ^ Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia

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  • Stonewall Confederate Cemetery at Find a Grave

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