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Stone Age Cartoons

stone age cartoons, stone age cartoons fleischer
Stone Age Cartoons is a 1940 American series of 12 animated short films from Fleischer Studios The films are set in a stone-age time much like 1960s series The Flintstones When they did not get the anticipated reception, Fleischer turned their attentions to the Gabby Color Cartoons1234567

The 12 films in the series are:

  1. Way Back When a Triangle Had Its Points 26 January 1940
  2. Way Back When a Nag Was Only a Horse 8 March 1940
  3. Way Back When a Nightclub Was a Stick 15 March 1940
  4. Granite Hotel 26 April 1940
  5. The Fowl Ball Player 24 May 1940
  6. The Ugly Dino 14 June 1940 First appearance of Danny Dinosaur
  7. Wedding Belts 5 July 1940
  8. Way Back When a Razzberry Was a Fruit 26 July 1940
  9. The Fulla Bluff Man 9 August 1940
  10. Springtime in the Rockage 30 August 1940
  11. Pedagogical Institution College to You 13 September 1940
  12. Way Back When Women Had Their Weigh 26 September 1940


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  • Stone Age Cartoons theatrical series at the Big Cartoon DataBase

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