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State councillor (China)

The state councilor Chinese: 国务委员; pinyin: guówù wěiyuán is a high-ranking position within the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the executive organ of China's central government comparable to a cabinet It ranks immediately below the Vice-Premiers and above the Ministers of various departments The position was created during the May 1982 restructuring of the State Council, when eleven state councillors were appointed, ten of whom were vice premiers until then


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  • 2 List of state councilors
    • 21 5th State Council 1982–1983
    • 22 6th State Council 1983–1988
    • 23 7th State Council 1988–1993
    • 24 8th State Council 1993–1998
    • 25 9th State Council 1998–2003
    • 26 10th State Council 2003–2008
    • 27 11th State Council 2008–2013
    • 28 12th State Council 2013–2018
    • 29 13th State Council 2018–2023
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In theory, state councillors are to assist the Premier and Vice-Premiers to oversee various government portfolios They can also represent the State Council and in turn, China's government on foreign visits state councillors are part of a Standing Committee of the State Council, alongside the Premier, Vice-Premiers, and the Secretary General of the State Council The organ holds weekly meetings In practice, a state councillor's portfolios can be very wide-ranging State councillors often accompany China's higher dignitaries on trips abroad - as was the case with State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan from 2003–08, and Dai Bingguo from 2008–present Dai also became China's representative at the 2009 G8 Summit in Italy when President Hu Jintao decided to cut short his attendance to return to China in order to deal with the July 2009 Urumqi riots

List of state councilors

5th State Council 1982–1983

The position was created during the May 1982 restructuring of the State Council Eleven state councillors were appointed, ten of whom were vice premiers until then, the only exception being Zhang Jingfu

  1. Yu Qiuli
  2. Geng Biao
  3. Fang Yi
  4. Gu Mu
  5. Kang Shi'en
  6. Chen Muhua
  7. Bo Yibo
  8. Ji Pengfei
  9. Huang Hua
  10. Zhang Jingfu
  11. Zhang Aiping

6th State Council 1983–1988

  1. Fang Yi
  2. Gu Mu
  3. Kang Shi'en
  4. Chen Muhua
  5. Ji Pengfei
  6. Zhang Jingfu
  7. Zhang Aiping
  8. Wu Xueqian
  9. Wang Bingqian
  10. Song Ping
  11. Song Jian

7th State Council 1988–1993

  1. Li Tieying
  2. Qin Jiwei
  3. Wang Bingqian
  4. Song Jian
  5. Wang Fang
  6. Zou Jiahua
  7. Li Guixian
  8. Chen Xitong
  9. Chen Junsheng
  10. Qian Qichen

8th State Council 1993–1998

  1. Li Tieying
  2. Chi Haotian
  3. Song Jian
  4. Li Guixian
  5. Chen Junsheng
  6. Ismail Amat
  7. Peng Peiyun
  8. Luo Gan - Secretary-General of the State Council

9th State Council 1998–2003

  1. Chi Haotian
  2. Luo Gan
  3. Ismail Amat
  4. Wu Yi
  5. Wang Zhongyu - Secretary-General of the State Council

10th State Council 2003–2008

Zhou Yongkang Cao Gangchuan Tang Jiaxuan Hua Jianmin Chen Zhili
Minister of Public Security Minister of National Defence foreign affairs Secretary General
of the State Council
education, sci-tech, culture,
health, sport

11th State Council 2008–2013

Liu Yandong Ma Kai Liang Guanglie Meng Jianzhu Dai Bingguo
education, sci-tech,
culture, sport
Secretary General
of the State Council
Minister of National Defence Minister of Public Security foreign affairs

12th State Council 2013–2018

Yang Jing
removed from office
2 February 2018
Chang Wanquan Yang Jiechi Guo Shengkun Wang Yong
Secretary General
of the State Council
Minister of National Defence Foreign affairs Minister of Public Security Disaster response, etc

13th State Council 2018–2023

Wei Fenghe Wang Yong Wang Yi Xiao Jie Zhao Kezhi
Minister of National Defence Disaster response, etc Minister of Foreign Affairs Secretary General
of the State Council
Minister of Public Security


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