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Stanner E.V. Taylor

Stanner EV Taylor 28 September 1877 – 23 November 1948 was an American screenwriter and director of the silent era He wrote for 108 films between 1908 and 1929 He was born in St Louis, Missouri and died in Los Angeles, California He was married to Biograph Company actress Marion Leonard

Selected filmographyedit

  • The Adventures of Dollie 1908
  • The Greaser's Gauntlet 1908
  • Where the Breakers Roar 1908
  • The Pirate's Gold 1908
  • One Touch of Nature 1909
  • In Old California 1910
  • A Romance of the Western Hills 1910
  • Ramona 1910
  • In the Border States 1910
  • What the Daisy Said 1910
  • A Flash of Light 1910
  • The Last Drop of Water 1911
  • Through Darkened Vales 1911
  • Under Burning Skies 1912
  • The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch 1912
  • In the Aisles of the Wild 1912
  • The Tenderfoot's Money 1913
  • Two Men of the Desert 1913
  • The Rise of Susan 1916
  • The Great Love 1918
  • The Greatest Thing in Life 1918
  • The Greatest Question 1919

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  • Stanner EV Taylor on Internet Movie Database

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