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Stagecoach in Peterborough

stagecoach in peterborough
Stagecoach in Peterborough is a bus company, which runs services throughout Peterborough and the surrounding areas It is part of Stagecoach Cambridgeshire, itself a subsidiary of the larger Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach in Peterborough is the trading name of The Viscount Bus and Coach Company Limited, demerged as a subsidiary undertaking of Cambus Holdings Limited in 1989 Cambus Limited was formed in 1984 from demerger of the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company in preparation for bus deregulation and privatisation and was acquired by the Stagecoach Group Plc in 1995

Its main depot and head office is in Peterborough; it also operates from outstations based in Holbeach Drove, and March


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Queensgate bus station, Peterborough

The Viscount Bus and Coach Company Ltd was incorporated on 9 May 19891 as a subsidiary of Cambus Holdings Ltd, the management-owned holding company for Cambus Ltd It took over the North Division operations of Cambus in September 1989 It introduced a livery of yellow and white with blue and grey stripes,2 while the coach livery incorporated a V logo in the stripes34 Later there was also a Peterborough Bus Company version, using reds and cream5

Following the acquisition by Cambus Holdings of the bulk of Premier Travel Services Ltd in May 1990, Viscount's coaching operations Viscount Travel were transferred to Premier Travel which adopted a new livery based closely on that of Viscount, but using blues instead of yellow6

Cambus Holdings Ltd was acquired by Stagecoach Holdings plc on 6 December 1995 Subsequently, full Stagecoach "stripes" livery was applied, with "Stagecoach Viscount" branding The current livery with "Stagecoach Peterborough Citi" appeared later


As of June 2017 the fleet consisted of 70 buses and coaches and consists of

17x Enviro 400 10010-10013, 19693-19706

3x Dennis Trident 18420-18422

7x MAN 18220LF 22331, 22334, 22336-22340

9x Dennis Dart SLF 34421, 34526, 34533, 34549, 34878-34882, 35186

32x Enviro 200 36011-36013, 36060-36065, 37210-37213, 37216-37235

1x Volvo B10M-62 52398

1x Bristol FLF6G 19952


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