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Stagecoach in Bedford

stagecoach in bedford
Stagecoach in Bedford, also known as Bedford Bus stylised as 'Bedfordbus', is the sector of the Stagecoach Group that operates buses in Bedford, Bedfordshire and is currently a trading name of the United Counties Omnibus Company Ltd Stagecoach in Bedford forms part of the Stagecoach East division, along with Stagecoach in Cambridge, Stagecoach in Peterborough and Stagecoach in The Fens


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The company carries over six million passengers per year, and its buses cover over 6 million miles2

In addition to Bedford, they also operate certain buses to surrounding towns, including Northampton, Luton, Milton Keynes, Hitchin and Flitwick

The flagship X5 service operates from Cambridge to Oxford via Bedford and Milton Keynes using Plaxton bodied Volvo B9R coaches, and runs up to every 30 minutes most days To assist the elderly and disabled, most routes have low-floor buses

Most routes operate all week, all routes with the exception of 42 Flitwick and 52 Milton Keynes via Cranfield University operate to a reduced timetable on Sundays, and some only operate on Sundays 72 Hitchin via Henlow Camp and Haynes village On bank holidays, a Sunday service is operated3

In 2006, as part of a scheme to improve services, Stagecoach East rebranded a number of Stagecoach in Bedford's bus routes using names of planets in the Solar System The first routes to be rebranded were the Hitchin to Bedford and Biggleswade to Bedford, which became the Mars routes M1 through M4 11 new low-floor buses carrying special Mars liveries were brought in for these routes4 As the year progressed, more routes were rebranded after planets In total, six planets were used for routes and, along with Mars, included the following:

  • Mercury - Sharnbrook to Bedford
  • Venus - Wootton to Bedford and Cranfield to Bedford
  • Jupiter - Flitwick to Bedford
  • Saturn - Luton to Bedford
  • Pluto - Northampton to Bedford5


  • Bedford with an outstation at Biggleswade The Bedford depot occupies a site beside the former Oxford to Cambridge 'Varsity' railway line

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  • Stagecoach in Bedford website
  • Stagecoach X5
  • Stagecoach route maps for Bedford and Bedfordshire

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