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Stagecoach in Bassetlaw

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Stagecoach in Bassetlaw is the brand name for Stagecoach East Midlands operations in the Bassetlaw district, with operations be run out of their depot on Central Avenue/Hardy Street in Worksop On top of providing local services for Worksop, Stagecoach in Bassetlaw also operate services from Worksop to the nearby towns of Chesterfield, Doncaster, Retford and Rotherham They also provide a service from Worksop to the city of Nottingham and some of the services out of Retford bus station


  • 1 Depot
  • 2 Vehicles
    • 21 Buses
  • 3 External links


  • Worksop Hardy Street


Stagecoach Worksop has a wide variety of vehicles and has recently upgraded to fully low floor status


  • 1 Dennis Dart/East Lancs Spryte
  • 9 Alexander Dennis Enviro200s
  • 1 Alexander Dennis Enviro300
  • 11 TransBus Trident
  • Plaxton President
  • Alexander ALX400
  • 2 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400
  • 1 MAN Alexander ALX300
  • 9 Optare Excel

External linksedit

  • Route map of the area covered by the LocalLynx brand
  • More information about Stagecoach in Bassetlaw

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