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St. Ebbes

st ebbes school, st ebbes
St Ebbes is a district of central Oxford, England, southwest of Carfax St Ebbes Street runs south from the western end of Queen Street


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The area takes its name from the parish church of St Ebbe's, dedicated to Saint Æbbe the Elder The name was first recorded in about 1005, when the church and other nearby property was granted to Eynsham Abbey1 The parish extended to the River Thames By 1279 the area was known for property inhabited by the poorer townsfolk, and remained so until the middle of the 20th century

In 1818 gas works were built on the north bank of the River Thames in St Ebbes, to supply the city with gas St Ebbes expanded significantly in the 19th century, and by 1882 there was no room to expand the gas works, and new gasholders had to be built on the south bank of the river A railway bridge the Gasworks Bridge was built across the river to connect the gas works to the Great Western Railway line The gas works were closed in 19602

The area was redeveloped between the 1950s and the 1980s34 A new main road, Thames Street, was built through the area in 1968 Between 1970 and 1972 the Westgate Shopping Centre was built in St Ebbes, and much of the rest of the area became car parks Only a few residential properties remain to the north of Thames Street There is a small housing estate between Thames Street and the river, known as St Ebbes by the River

St Ebbe's Street runs south from Queen Street past Pembroke Street on the right, to Brewer Street on the right There the street becomes "Littlegate"

St Ebbe's Church of England parish church in Pennyfarthing Place, on the corner with St Ebbes Street is now a conservative evangelical congregation St Ebbe's Church of England Primary School is south of the river, outside St Ebbe's parish

The Victorian photographer Henry Taunt was born at Penson's Gardens, St Ebbes, on 14 June 1842

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Sources and further readingedit

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